Guiding Hand School offers educational programming for students with developmental disabilities beginning at age 6 and may continue through age 21.  Students are placed by Local Education Agencies.  Continued placement in the school program is an IEP team decision based on ongoing assessments and testing.  The basic curriculum includes functional academics, reading, math, daily living skills, music, art, language arts, physical education, speech/language services, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Transition planning is provided to assist the child and family in moving smoothly into the next phase of educational, vocational, or residential programs.  A team meeting is conducted to determine the best program placement for the child.  The options available to families are presented to empower the student and parents to make the best decision.

There is a strong emphasis on coordination of services with other agencies.  Ongoing assessments help to determine if a student needs to move on to other community based programs such as the Local School District, Mental Health Services, Family Resource Services or other related services.

Local school districts, provide transportation for students to and from school.  Buses are wheelchair accessible.  Other adaptations are provided, if required, to meet each student's needs.

Class A school lunches and breakfasts are prepared and served each day.  Special dietary needs are met, with medical authorization.

Other offered services include:
    • Behavior Management
    • Service Support Administrator (SSA)
    • Nursing
    • Parent Training
    • Supportive Living
    • Family Resource Program

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled during the month of April to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for programming that will be provided during the following school year.  Updates on that plan are scheduled in November and February of each school year.

Gallia County Board of DD


Gallia County Board of Developmental Disabilities