Gallia County Board of DD


Gallia County Board of Developmental Disabilities


The Gallia County Board of Developmental Disabilities (GCBDD) serves individuals of all ages in Gallia County who have a variety of developmental disabilities.  The Early Intervention program serves infants and toddlers ages Birth to 3 years old who have a disability or delay in their development.  These delays could be in the areas of speech and language, cognitive development, motor skills, social-emotional, or self-help skills.  This program provides services and supports to these children and their families.

Early Intervention services include a developmental evaluation and family coaching which takes place in the home with a Developmental Specialist.  This program operates with the understanding that the child's family is their best teacher.  The Developmental Specialist helps the family learn ways to support their child's development.


  • Developmental assessments to monitor progress.
  • Helping parents connect with further services that may be needed (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.).
  • Providing educational materials to parents.
  • Transition Planning (preparing the family and child for preschool at the age of 3).
  • Family Resources.

Parents, families, and a child's home environment are major factors that impact every child's development.  Parents and caregivers are a vital part of their children's lives and of the Early Intervention program.  Together, we can help your child be the best that he or she can be!

Make A Referral

Early Intervention has a new phone number for making referrals!  Referrals can be made by calling either (740)371-3322 or 1-800-755-GROW (4769). Referrals can also be made online at The new referral site will take the family’s information and can refer a child for services to either the Early Intervention program or the Help Me Grow Home Visiting program.

Contact Us

Melinda Kingery, Developmental Specialist, (740)446-6902